Prepare To Activate!

The idea here is that this post activates the web site in a way. This first post will be used to create the layout and CSS styling for things like the heading and this awesome picture:

Prepare to activate! Stolen from jimbuchan.ca and nick.com

I'll use this page as a test to see how well it shares on crappy social media silos like Facebork and I guess I'll make a template out of it so I can quickly create new pages (because I don't think I'll be using a static site generator). I also don't think I'll be putting any javascript on this site either. Just straight HTML and CSS. I'll store my images here and if I have any videos I'll put 'em on archive.org.

If all goes well, this will be a place to document my transition from country life to city life and then to even more country life. You'll be able to track my progression in to isolation and maybe learn a thing or two along the way. Good luck with that eh.